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 PROSPECT Course #366 - Construction Contract Administration

By USACE Learning Center | Course: 41CCA01A | Control: 366

Click here to access trainingThis course provides a basic review of the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process as it relates to administration of fixed-price construction contracts. The primary focus is post-award contract administration, but the course includes pre-award coordination and review for field-level personnel. As an introductory course, it also serves as a developmental link between the members of Project Delivery Team (PDT) through the project life cycle.


 PROSPECT Course #29 - Construction Quality Management

By USACE Learning Center | Course: 35CQM01A | Control: 29

Click here to access trainingAfter completing this course, the student will understand the objective of construction quality management related to establishing quality requirements, controlling quality during construction, and taking necessary measures to ensure quality. This training program satisfies requirements for Construction Quality Management for Government Employees and will not require recertification annually.


By USACE Learning Center | Course: 35SWC01A | Control: 185

Click here to access trainingThis course provides instruction for preparing effective specifications for construction projects. The course is designed for engineers, architects, and technicians involved in the preparation of project specifications. The course covers principles of specification writing, procedures and techniques for writing specifications, and relationships of specifications to other elements of the contract documents. This course is strongly recommended for all design and supervisory personnel involved in development of project specifications.

 PROSPECT Course #24 - Civil Works Cost Engineering

By USACE Learning Center | Course: 35CCW01A | Control: 24

Click here to access trainingThis course is needed due to the demand for training Cost Estimators knowledgeable in the Civil Works (CW) field. Currently there are a large number of cost estimators in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) that do not have the intermediate and advanced civil works cost estimating skills and knowledge to adequately perform their job duties. Estimating Civil Works projects is a specialized field, whereby correct and accurate estimating is needed in order to support and to successfully complete projects. Also an audit of the USACE concluded that USACE needs to provide more training in the Civil Works field.


 PROSPECT Course #220 - Cost Risk Analysis Basic

By USACE Learning Center | Course: 35CRA01A | Control: 220

Click here to access trainingThis course provides training on basic cost risk analysis principles and fundamentals. The training is intended for the Cost Engineering professional with little or no cost experience in cost risk analysis techniques who will be responsible for the review or preparation of construction contingencies for Civil Works, Military Construction (MILCON) and Environmental Remediation cost estimates.