Software & Tools

Distribution Policy

Risk Management Center (RMC) Software: RMC's policy is to make its software available, whenever appropriate. RMC software that is available for download from our web site may be used by individuals and organizations outside of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) without charge, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use for RMC Software.

Non-USACE User Support: RMC cannot provide direct user assistance or support for its software to non-USACE users, those needing assistance should review the Support Policy for additional details.

Computer Source Code: The RMC generally discourages the distribution of RMC source code for entire pieces of software. The source code is usually only required when porting a program to a different computer or to modify it. If appropriate and available, the RMC will provide the source for these purposes. However, the RMC cannot provide assistance with the code. Source code for components under development will not be distributed. During development, some routines will be changing frequently. The proliferation of code, that is rapidly becoming out-of-date, is not in the public interest. The RMC will make individual calculation components of the source code available publicly when versions are published.